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My spousal sponsorship application nearly came to a dead end after I applied for almost 8 years even though I went through the process of appeal with another legal company. 18 months ago, I went to Apex Migration operated by Mrs. Aline Uyen Nguyen. My first impression was that all the employees was very friendly and always had a smile on their faces. After collecting all my information, Mrs. Xuan Uyen said "Do not worry too much. Please give me 02 weeks to review your case and I will get back to you with more details". To be honest, I was very worried because I knew my case had went through appeal and was refused many times. I kept wonder if Apex Migration would took over my case (This is just a summary of my case). As promised, 2 weeks later, I met up with Mrs. Xuan Uyen. After answering a few more questions, Mrs. Xuan Uyen said "We will process your case today." I was very happy and relieved. I believe in their confidence and the way they work with the client. They agreed to take over my case and follow up until my wife receive permanent residence. Later, I work closely with Mrs. Trang who was mainly in charge of my case. Mrs. Trang is very friendly and always said: "Your wife and daughter will reunite with you soon". Their office is always busy. The staffs are always busy on the phone and friendly. I only had to came to their office for 6 times without dealing with any trouble. Up to August 2019, my wife and daughter finally got an immigration visa to Canada. Once again, I thank God for helping me to know Apex Migration and made a right decision in choosing them. I give them 5 stars for their service. Thank you to all Apex Migration's staff and God bless you!

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