Common Mistakes People Make When Applying For Immigration

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Migrating to another country involves a rigorous and meticulous process of applying for immigration, filling out the forms correctly, submitting the right corresponding documents, being well-prepared for the interview process, etc. The entire process can seem overwhelming and daunting to a layperson due to the urgency of the process and intricacies involved in it. 

Moreover, committing even the smallest of errors could have an adverse effect on your application and also lead to refusal. Therefore, it’s best to enlist the services of an immigration consultancy to assist you with the process and complete it without any errors. To help you steer clear of any mistakes, Apex Migration Legal Services Inc. has made a list of the most common mistakes people make when applying for immigration and how to avoid them.

1. Retaining a non-licensed incompetent agent to complete the file
This leads to several damages to the applications, including but not limited to, refusal or unsuccessful application in other ways. You should find the right person to prepare and represent your application.

2. Working with agencies that are not well-versed with the immigration law
Employing agencies who do not know the intricacies of the Canadian immigration law is a mistake we’ve seen many people commit. Agencies that are not regulated and not familiar with the latest rules and regulations will end up filling out your application incorrectly.

3. Not consulting a professional to fill out the application
Many assume that there’s no need to hire a professional, instead, they just hire any person to fill out the forms. As a result, the application does not reflect the right points. To avoid mistakes and errors on your application, enlist the services of a professional immigration consultant. 

4. Not getting trained before the interview
Not getting trained for an interview before an immigration officer could lead to refusal due to not knowing what answer to provide during the interview. If you are trained before the interview, you’ll know what to answer and how to answer confidently. 

5. Providing wrong information.
Providing wrong information on your immigration application, deliberately or unintentionally, could have a negative impact on your application and adversely affect your chances of successfully acquiring a visa.

6. Submitting original documents to a non-licensed consultant
Giving your original documents and certificates to a non-licensed consultant could lead to difficulties in case you are not able to get back those important documents and papers. 

To avoid these are other mistakes related to immigration, reach out to the experts at Apex Migration Legal Services Inc. We give you access to three experienced and licensed immigration consultants who will help you at every step of the immigration application and ensure that your application is submitted in a timely and proficient manner. We’ve been assisting clients for over fifteen years and have a thorough amount of experience in dealing with immigration application pitfalls. We offer a full line of immigration services, including travel visa, spousal sponsorship, super visa, visitor visa, family sponsorship, study visa, to clients across London, Kitchener, Hamilton, Windsor, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and other regions in Canada and Vietnam.

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