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  • SINP – Entrepreneurs Provincial Nominees
  • Program (Saskatchewan, Canada) – Allows you and your family (spouse and dependent children under the age of 22 to immigrate to the province of Saskatchewan, Canada to live and work permanently.

    Basic requirements
    • Total networth more than 500,000 .00 CAD (the combination of your and your spouse’s networth)
    • Have entrepreneurs experience for more than 4 years in the last 10 years
    • Willing to invest a new company or purchase an existing company in Sasakatchewan. The minimum investment requirement is 200,000.00 CAD if you invest in the Rural Areas and 300,000.00 CAD in the main cities (Regina and Saskatoon)

  • Quebec Investor program – If are looking for a passive investment program and still be able to immigrate to Canada, this is the program for you.
  • Basic Requirements
    • Total networth of 2.4 Million CAD
    • At least two years of Management Experience in the last 5 years (Both Entrepreneurs and Senor Managers can apply)
    • Willing to loan the Government of Quebec 1.2 Million for 5 years without interest – If you don’t want to provide the loan out of your pocket, we can obtain it as a loan for you from a Canadian bank.
  • Owner Operator Work Permit – allows you to operate your own business in Canada while your children can go to school for free up to grade 12.
  • Basic requirements
    • At least three years of Entrepreneurs or senior Managers experience.
    • Have Cash money Available and Liquid assets
    • Willing to operate a business in Canada


    For Artists and professional Athletes who want to immigrate and work under the same field in Canada.

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